4. Building X/Qt-2

4.1. Why you need to build X/Qt-2 from source?

There are two purpose to build X/Qt-2 from source. First is create ipkg files.

Second is installing development libraries and headers to build development environments. Following libraries are built:

  • XFree86

  • glibc

  • ncurses

  • zlib

  • libjpeg

  • libpng

  • libungif

  • libtiff

  • freetype

  • expat

  • fontconfig

  • GLib

  • GTK+

  • OpenSSL


GTK+-2 related packages (Glib-2, ATK, Pango, GTK+-2) are under construction.

4.2. Get X/Qt-2 sources

Get X/Qt-2 sources with CVS command:

 $ export CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.jp:/cvsroot/xqt
 $ cvs login
   [enter empty password]
 $ cvs checkout xqt2

4.3. Install xpkg

Install xpkg which is cross build tool for X/Qt. Change directory to xpkg directory, see INSTALL file to install it.

4.4. Configure wget

xpkg downloads some package files from Internet with wget command. If you need HTTP Proxy, you must configure wgetrc file or set http_proxy/ftp_proxy environment variables.

4.5. Execute full build

Execute full build of X/Qt-2.

 $ cd xqt2
 $ xpkg-batch DevelWorld

All build packages are located in XPKG directory. Also, development libraries and headers are installed in /opt/Embedix/tools/arm-linux.