X/Qt-2 Developers HOWTO

Takuya Murakami

31 July 2005

Revision History
Revision 1.12005-7-31
Modified for XPKG system
Revision 1.02004-10-23
Initial release


This document is tutorial for X/Qt-2 developers.

1. Introduction
2. Requrements
3. How to setup cross development environments
3.1. Install cross development tools
3.2. Install Qtopia SDK
3.3. Make symbolic links
3.4. Change permission of target directory
4. Building X/Qt-2
4.1. Why you need to build X/Qt-2 from source?
4.2. Get X/Qt-2 sources
4.3. Install xpkg
4.4. Configure wget
4.5. Execute full build
5. How to add custom packages
5.1. パッケージディレクトリを作成する
5.2. pkgdef ファイルの作成
5.3. ビルドを行う
5.4. X/Qt-2 本家にフィードバックするには
A. Copyrights

1. Introduction

This document is tutorial for X/Qt-2 developers. This describes how to setup cross compilation environments, get sources of X/Qt-2, build it, and add your custom packages.